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NSDOS adds a second album to his discography with Intuition Volume 2.

Musical immersion in a universe tinged with binaural sounds. He has sought the most natural sounds to modify them with the latest technological tools at its disposal. A very symbolic approach to his universe, between man and machine, between nature and technological progress.

It is the organic texture of its sound design that catches your ears at first hearing. Embodying the meticulous work of sound that is the mark of this tech madman, “Interaction” – a binaural piece requiring headphones worthy of the name for listening – is stunning in the spatialization that he manages to set up, in playing with the sounds between the left and right ear to create a subtle imbalance. We can hear scraping footsteps and conversations muffled by the sound of the wind, sounds disturbed by the squeaking of some sort of rusty instrument and the crackling of a crazy radio. Unsettling, almost obnoxious, but so hypnotic it is impossible to press pause.

The names of its six pieces echo the first volume of Intuition. “Motivation”, “Dilution” and “Operation” – the three pieces that form the body of this new opus – are representative of his distended, scratched and dark techno style. The final track “Hybridization” is lighter and more crystalline, led by what appears to be a bird’s chirp. Like a desire to bring some life back after a downright robotic passage

NSDOS Lazer Connect · Intuition vol.2